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  Music Downloads Music Downloads

Reward your customers with today's most popular recording artists.

Music Downloads

When it comes to encouraging customers to converting to paperless billing and adopting online services, music downloads are an affordable and effective choice. Billions of music tracks are legally downloaded each year — making music is one of the most popular rewards around. Digital music is regularly used across most demographics, so with music downloads as an incentive you have a universal offering that can appeal to your entire customer base.

Our music download rewards platform features over 4-million DRM-free MP3 tracks from today's hottest artists. These music downloads are compatible with Windows, Mac, iTunes® and all portable music players, including the iPod® and iPhone®.

egiftcards eGift Cards

The easy way to give the exact card they want.

eGift Cards

When you reward or incent with Choose Your Own eGift Cards, you're not only giving an in demand item, you're giving the gift of choice. With the wide range of available denominations and a variety of stores, sites and restaurants, this incentive can be used for anything from encouraging customers to sign up for online services as well as motivating conversion to eBilling and eStatements and beyond.

Recipients of these eGift Cards can select their preferred card from a broad selection of top retailers, including Gap®, JCPenney®, Lowe's®, Amazon® and more. They'll receive their gift card instantly, which can then be used online or even printed and taken it to select locations.

Movie Tickets Movie Tickets

Reward responsible conversions with instant, print-at-home movie ticket incentives.

Movie Tickets

Going to the movies remains very popular with consumers — in fact, movie theaters regularly draw more people than all theme parks and U.S. sports complexes combined!* This popularity and the high-perceived value of a movie ticket makes this reward offering a strong incentive for new customer acquisition or for converting existing customers to paperless statements and online services.

Movie ticket rewards can redeemed for tickets to films at thousands of theaters nationwide. Recipients simply redeem their reward code, choose a location and select a film. They can even print their tickets at home, saving them valuable time and helping them avoid lines and sold out movies!

*Motion Picture Association of America, Theatrical Market Statistics 2011

A Custom Reward! Tree Plantings

Enhance your company's image while assisting the Earth and connecting with customers.

Tree Plantings

"Going Green" is more than a trendy slogan. Corporations and consumers alike are looking for eco-friendly ways to make a difference. Make tree plantings part of your next promotion and enhance your company's image while assisting the Earth. Excellent for pairing with eStatement enrollment or paperless billing conversion, tree planting rewards are a cost-effective reward that helps you give your customers the ability to give.

With this reward, your customers can receive a reward code to plant a tree in a reforestation location of their choice from projects around the globe. Your customers will feel great taking this extra step for the planet. Plus, they will associate your brand with this deeply satisfying and personal act of choosing their location to plant their tree.

A Custom Reward! eBook Downloads

Increase conversions with the popularity of eBooks.

eBook Downloads

One of the most popular trends in consumer spending is the growth of eBooks — they've gone from a niche product to an industry standard that outsell their hardcover counterpart.* With eBook downloads you can reward customers for making the switch to online billing and services with this valuable gift of convenient reading on the go.

A product with wide reach, this reward gives recipients access to the digital book of their choice from a catalog with thousands of titles. These books are available in dozens of categories — from memoirs to mysteries and best sellers to business hits. With so many titles to choose from, you can use this reward to incent and reward many key demographics.

*Association of American Publishers, 2012 Study

Digital Movies Digital Movie Rentals

Make your next promotion a cinematic success.

Digital Movie Rentals

Fast becoming the kings of home entertainment, digital movies are endlessly popular. In fact, Americans will watch 3.4 billion movies online in 2012, a billion more than DVDs and Blu-ray® combined.* Many age groups and demographics respond favorably to digital movie rentals as a reward for online billing conversion and paperless statement adoption.

Digital movie rentals are high-perceived value rewards that give recipients on-demand access to stream digital content quickly and easily. By providing digital movie rentals, you can easily — and instantly — connect your brand with popular online movies, from today's blockbuster hits to classics of yesterday.

*IHS iSuppli

Fitness Fitness Downloads

Pump up your promotions by providing high-value digital workout routines.

Fitness Downloads

The popularity of personal fitness has grown considerably in recent years, and many consumers respond well to healthy incentives. By rewarding customers with fast access to download audio workouts you can thank them for anything from online services enrollment to mobile app downloads.

With over 200 workout downloads available for all levels, everyone from health nuts to fitness novices can benefit from these training sessions. Workouts range from cardio and strength training to even yoga and ballet. Plus, recipients will also receive access to a redemption site filled with fitness instruction, recipes and healthy tips.

Magazines Magazine Subscriptions

Provide high value magazine subscriptions for leading titles at a fraction of the retail cost.

Magazine Subscriptions

Even in our busy modern age, magazines are as popular as ever — 92% of Americans read them regularly!* Tap into the timeless appeal of magazines by providing customers with a high-perceived value Magazine Subscription Reward for conversion to paperless billing or signing up for recurrent ACH or debit payment adoption.

These qualifying customers will receive a reward code to choose a magazine subscription from over 100 popular magazines — including many leading titles from top publishers in a wide range of genres. This incentive is something recipients will receive regularly, so they'll receive this reward as an ongoing reminder of your generosity.

*The Association of Magazine Media, 2012/2013 Magazine Media Factbook

Photo Books & Calendars Photo Products

Instantly reward your customers with photo prints or a photo book or calendar they can customize online.

Photo Books & Calendars

Everyone wants to preserve and share memories, which makes photo prints, books and calendars an excellent choice for incenting paperless billing conversion. By providing rewards with such high-perceived value, you can influence behavior with a personal, custom reward.

Our range of photo products give recipients the ability to print their personal photos or produce full-color, hardcover books and calendars filled with their cherished memories. With easy-to-follow instructions, recipients will upload and arrange digital photographs from their personal computers and popular sites like Facebook®, Flickr® and Picasa®.

A Custom Reward! Custom Cell Skins

This fun item gives recipients the ability to personalize electronic devices with decorative covers.

Custom Cell Skins

When you're looking for a unique reward to incentivize the younger half of your customer-base, look no further than custom cell skins. This reward gives recipients the ability to customize their most prized possessions: their electronics! These decorative high-quality vinyl covers are great for encouraging mobile alert enrollment, mobile app downloads and even new customer acquisition.

With this reward, qualifying customers will receive a code to create their own custom cell skins. When that code is redeemed, recipients can design their own custom skins quickly and easily, either by using their own digital photos or by choosing from thousands of pre-made designs — including top brands in sports, entertainment, pop culture, universities Greek organizations and more.

Dining Certificates Dining Certificates

Thank customers with dining certificates redeemable for thousands of restaurants nationwide.

Dining Certificates

Americans eat meals away from home an average of 4 to 5 times per week*, which makes dining certificate rewards a strong solution for incenting customers. This reward provides a code to receive a valuable discount to thousands of restaurants nationwide. With such a high-perceived value reward, you can use it to thank customers for making the switch to paperless billing, converting to recurrent ACH or debit card payments or even downloading your mobile app.

This reward provides a $25 or $50 dining discount that can by used at over 18,000 restaurants. All restaurants available are privately owned local establishments across the country, which makes it an excellent solution for a customer-base that varies widely, both geographically and demographically.

*United States Department of Agriculture

Hotel & Travel Rewards Hotel & Travel Incentives

More than 55,000 worldwide hotels to choose from with no blackout dates.

Hotel & Travel Incentives

Leisure travel is vastly popular with much of the American population — in fact, U.S. residents logged 1.5 billion leisure trips in 2011.* By using our new Travelocity® hotel & travel incentives, you can reward customers who switch to paperless billing, adopt key online services and more by providing them up to a $50 discount on their next hotel stay. This unique reward is available at a fraction of the perceived-value.

These Travelocity hotel & travel incentives have no blackout dates, so customers can plan their trip when it is most convenient. Plus, there are more than 55,000 worldwide hotels to choose from, which gives customers plenty of choice when they add this discount to an upcoming hotel stay.

*U.S. Travel Association, Power of Travel Report

Pre-Paid Phone Time Pre-Paid Phone Time

Easily connect customers with loved ones.

Pre-Paid Phone Time

"Even with the rise of cell phone popularity, pre-paid phone time is still widely used by people everywhere. The ongoing appeal of pre-paid phone time means you can use this reward to reach a wide customer base when incenting them to switch to your preferred billing method, recurrent ACH and debit card payments and more. With the capability to deliver pre-paid phone time for domestic or international calling, this reward has even more reach and value.

The redemption process for this reward is simple, which connects your customers with loved ones instantly and easily. They can even be greeted by a branded message before making a call to extend your promotion's reach.

Papa John's™ Pizza Pizza Rewards

A delicious way to drive enrollment.

Papa John's™ Pizza

Slice into success by rewarding customers with America's favorite food: pizza! This reward is a delicious way to incent customers to switch to your preferred paperless billing method or to enroll in your online services. It's one of the tastiest ways to encourage conversions.

With pizza rewards, you can easily provide qualifying customers with a reward code that is redeemable for a complementary pizza from a leading pizza chain, up to a $10 value! After a simple redemption process, your customers can easily receive their certificate and order their pie!

A Custom Reward! A Custom Reward!

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