Simple, cost-effective digital incentives for going paperless

Reward your customers for converting to e-Billing and paperless statements with modern, digital incentives that are delivered instantly.

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Simple digital incentives

eBillingRewards help you save money

Eliminating the printing, postage, labor and equipment costs associated with paper billing can result in very significant cost savings.

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Save money

eBillingRewards help you save resources

Converting to paperless billing helps reduce the costly resources associated with printing and mailing paper statements along with bill-prep processing, check processing and related customer service costs.

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Save money

eBillingRewards help you save the environment

If every American household went paper-free, it could reduce waste in landfills by more than 800,000 tons a year, save an estimated 18.5 million trees a year and curb the release of greenhouse gases by 2.1 million tons a year.
Source: Javelin Strategy & Research

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Save money
Offer a Reward for Converting to Paperless Billing


Digital incentives to encourage your customers to go paperless.

Offer exciting low-cost digital rewards for enrollment in e-Statements, e-Bill Pay, recurring Auto Pay and mobile services. Our rewards include music downloads, eBooks, movie tickets, eGift Cards, custom phone skins and more!

Enroll Your Customers in Your Paperless Billing Program


Convert customers to e-Billing and reward them - instantly!

After your customer accepts your offer and enrolls in your paperless statement program they will instantly receive a unique reward code. They are then driven to your branded rewards page to redeem their code for your digital gift.

Reward Your Customers for Converting to Paperless Billing


Say "thank you" with low-cost, highly-valued digital gifts!

Show your customers the value and convenience of instant billing and instant bill pay by instantly rewarding them for enrolling in paperless statements. Our digital rewards allow instant gratification and are always in stock!